Findhorn Foundation

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Findhorn Foundation, Cluny Hill College and the Park

Findhorn was an important part of my spiritual journey beginning with experience week. I spent many weeks here attending workshops, going on a pilgrimage, and much of the research for my dissertation was conducted with woman who lived at Findhorn and were involved in some way with the Foundation.

above: Sanctuary at Findhorn Park below: First home at Findhorn

The Findhorn Community was begun in 1962 by Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean. After being terminated from employment at Cluny Hill, a four star hotel, they  moved with their three young sons and Dorothy to a caravan in the nearby seaside village of Findhorn.

Findhorn Bay

The bay at Findhorn at high tide.

Findhorn Park Gardens

The land at the caravan park was sandy and dry; however, Dorothy discovered she was able to intuitively contact the overlighting spirits of plants – which she called devas, who gave her instructions on how to make the most of their garden. From this guidance came amazing results. Huge plants, herbs and flowers of dozens of kinds, and 40-pound cabbages grew. The garden at Findhorn became famous.

Chakra Gardens at Cluny Hill College

The Chakra Garden is a group of seven circlular plots with a path spiraling through them. Each circle contains colors of flowers and herbs representing each of the chakras.

Top of Cluny Hill Labyrinth

Sacred Space at the top of Cluny Hill.

Findhorn River

Findhorn River at Randolph's Leap

Sea at Findhorn Beach

The Beach at Findhorn

Yellow Sailboat

Yellow sailboat on Findhorn Bay

Cluny Hill College

Cluny Hill was eventually purchased by the Findhorn foundation. It is currently a live-in training facility where workshops and trainings are conducted. I attended my first week-long training at this wonderfully old-fashioned and hospitable training facility.

Portal to Labyrinth on Cluny Hill

Cluny Hill is directly behind the college. It has a spiral path that circles the hill leading to this portal which begins the final circular path leading to a sacred site at the top of the hill.

Hopeman Beach and Caves

Hopeman Beach and Caves are located southeast of Findhorn village on the Moray coast.

Waterfall at Faerie Glen, Black Isle, Scotland

Yhis waterfall is at the top of the path leading through the Faerie Glen.

Faery Glen located at Rosemarkie on the Black Isle, Scotland

The Faery Glen is a location in which individuals associated with the Findhorn Foundation, to include Peter Caddy believed the king and queen of faerie lived. Once you have visited the valley and the waterfalls located at the end, it is easy to believe if you turned your head a little faster you took could indeed meet the King and Queen of Faerie.

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