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Learning to SEE nature in a new way.

In case I ever forget that I am one with all that exists, I just have to look at this photo to remember.  The Earth is alive and she is watching me.  I see Her everywhere.  Sometimes the messages are subtle, sometimes they jump out and grap me by the arm and shake me.  "Look at me!  See me!  Remember!"

I have received some criticism for my photos saying that I am anthropomorphizing nature.  Yes, according to the definition in Websters I am.  However,  I have another theory.  I believe that we as humans are arrogant if we think that the template for looking human belongs only to us.  Nature communicates with us in any way it can.  For me it is through images.  Here are a few.

The eyes of Gaia taken near the Four Corners, Utah

This photo was the first simulacrum that I became aware of.  The profile of a man looks out over the Findhorn River at Randolphs Leap.  I showed this photo to a young boy who was about 8 years old.  We were in a waiting room and he appeared bored out of his mind.  I wanted to entertain him.  He took the photo, looked at it briefly, noticed the markings on the stone to the left of the profile and said "Ancient wisdom writing."  Then he gave it back to me and ignored me for the rest of the time.  I'm still quivering a bit from the impact of his statement and my feelings about this site.  It remains one of the first places I visit when I am in the area. 

Tree at Abbey near Findhorn

I call this my tree alien.  The Germans call these kind of growths on trees "Root Ghosts." 

Bottom Half of Roof Ghost (I call this the Totem Tree)

I'm not sure I even noticed the bottom half of the tree at the time.  I was so taken with the beard and eye of the guy on top.  The whole tree reminds me of the Celtic horned God Cerunnos, he is oftern described as "the wild god of the forest.

Totem at Native American ruins near Sedona

This guardian and child totem are in the canyon wall above the ruins of an Indian village near Sedona.

Face in Hillside below Cairn on Iona

Iona, Scotland is faery land itself.  This Cairn is at the highest point on the small Isle.  I see a human face in the rock formation below the Cairn.

Woman Dancing, Olive Tree Greece

I can just imagine this Greek Olive tree woman doing a circle dance, stomping her feet and loving being alive.

Randolphs Leap Scotland Faces

I found this face while walking along the banks of the Findhorn River near Randolph's Leap.  He appears to be looking skyward. We can learn to look at nature as the ancient people of this Earth did and as how many indigenous cultures continue to do.  They see what we as modern technological dependent people often fail to see.  Looking at nature with an open heart, being receptive and willing to connect with the natural world around us.  As we do, we learn to appreciate and respect te Earth in a new way. 


This little one always makes me smile.  There's a whimsical nature to the spirit of this moss covered stump as it tells me to tread quietly on this sacred planet.

Root Ghost near Kaiserslautern, Germany

This tree led me eventually to the recognition of my life's purpose.  While walking in the woods near my home in Germany I saw this tree.  It staying in my memory and toyed with me until I decided I wanted to find it and take a photo. (Part of it was to prove that I had actually seen what I thought I saw.)  I drove my car (illegally I might add) through the woods, drove by the tree without seeing it and found a Sacred Spring that became an important part of my spiritual journey.  (An articile on this web-site is devoted to my experiences there.)  When I left the Spring and drove back along the road, looking carefully, I found the tree.  He was just as I had remembered.  Santa Claus.  i always knew he existed.  Or is it Poseidon who led me to this sacred spring?

Troll and Bird, Oak Creek Canyon near Flagstaff, Arizona

When I first saw this fallen tree root system I was sure that someone had crawled down the side of the hill and created a sculpture of a troll with a bird in a hat.  I'm still not sure they didn't. 

Turtles racing Odenwald, Germany

These two appear to be strolling through the luscious Odenwald forest.  They are not going anyplace in a hurry.

Tree Stump with Goatee, German forest

This guy appears to be winking at me.

Here is another personal theory about why these images appear to happen more often in stumps of trees or older trees.  First, you need to know that I believe in Nature Spirits!!  I believe they appear to humans in a multitude of forms and energies.  There are some theories that the current "alien abductions" are actually "faery abuductions."  The celts have legends about faey abductions and what to do and not to do in nature.  I don't know about that, but I do believe that we see Spirit, whether God, Goddess or Nature in a way we can relate to.  I can just imagine some Nature Spirit deciding that he wants a photograph taken to hang on his den wall.  The only thing available is a tree stump from a tree that was just felled.  No longer living, its energy is not devoting to growth.  What better pallet.  And this nature spirit has years to make it happen.  Storms, rain, snow, sleet, lighting, fire, insects, whatever the environment provides can be the paintbrush.  Then some human comes along and takes a photo.  Well, I didn't say it was a scientific theory and I can't prove it.  But I can believe and enjoy.

Clouds over Temple to Poseidon, Tinos, Greece

This cloud had a profound impact on my life.  I have long felt a connection to Poseidon and the energy of the sea. I wanted to be an oceanographer when I was in high school.  I took this photo outside of the temple of Poseidon and his consort Amphitrite at Tinos, Greece. I can see a Pegasus and his rider flying through the sky.  Poseidon was the ruler of horses and the father of many mystical creatures.  A few days later I had a mystical experience and an initiation at the temple site. 

As we learn to see and relate to the Earth more intimately, we increase our connection to the environment. We learn to care for and respect the Earth much as we care for and respect a beloved family member. How can we harm that which we love?

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